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Expo news » The State Council issued \"to promote the domestic circulation\"

Xinhua news agency, Beijing 16 November Xinhua recently, the general office of the State Council issued "several opinions on" to promote the healthy development of domestic trade circulation, deployed in the current critical period of steady growth promoting reform and adjusting the structure of people's livelihood benefits, accelerate the development of domestic production,circulation, guide consumption, expand employment, improve people's livelihood,and further stimulate economic growth.

"Opinions" from the four aspects of clear policies and measures thirteen. In promoting the development of modern circulation mode, one is the standard to promote the development of electronic commerce. Expand the networkconsumption areas, promote the construction of the business field of large datainformation service platform, to promote the development of the line of fusion. To accelerate the application of electronic invoice. Perfect the market main bodyresidence (establishments) management. Encourage payment productinnovation. Two is to accelerate the development of logistics distribution.Strengthening the logistics standardization, informationization, specialization,socialization, organization construction. To promote the city logistics distribution vehicle unified identity management, guarantee the delivery of fresh food, the staple food products, drugs and other traffic convenient traffic. Allow non motorvehicles in accordance with the standards of the community engaged in expressdelivery. The identified as high-tech enterprises of the third party logistics and logistics information platform for enterprises, and shall enjoy the relevantpreferential policies for hi-tech enterprises. Three is vigorously developing chain operation. To promote the development of direct chain operation, standardize the development of franchise chain, guide the development of voluntary chain.

In the aspect of strengthening the circulation infrastructure construction, one is topromote the transformation and upgrading of the commodity market. Explorationto take up the circulation of agricultural products industry development fundmode, cultivate a number of national and regional public welfare agricultural products wholesale market. Support the national agricultural products across the construction of regional backbone circulation network. Commodity wholesale market of urban transformation of off-site relocation, the government to recoverthe original state-owned construction land use right, can take the arrangement ofwholesale markets for transferring land. The two is to increase the service life offacilities for residents investment. Comprehensive community service center to encourage the building of public service outlets in one, foster a number of multifunctions of township business center, expanding the domestic services supply.Implement the new community commercial and integrated service facilities areaproportion of the community a total construction area of not less than 10% of thepolicy. The three is to promote green consumption recycling facilities construction. Cultivating a number of energy-saving, energy-saving products insales and waste recycling in one of the green market, shopping malls and restaurants.

In the aspect of deepening the reform and innovation of circulation, one is tosupport circulation enterprises bigger and stronger. To form a number ofinternationally competitive large retailers, wholesalers, logistics service providers,to support commercial banks to expand the merger and reorganization ofbusiness enterprise comprehensive credit line, promote the development ofmixed ownership. Two is to strengthen the small and medium-sized commercial circulation enterprise development vitality. Accelerate the construction of public service platform for small and medium-sized commercial enterprises, improvemicro circulation enterprise financing environment. The three is to promote thedevelopment of foreign trade integration within. To further expand the scope of procurement mode of trade market, to create a number of rational layout, perfect functions, management norms, radiation wide internal and external trade with the market.

In the aspect of improving the business environment, one is to reduce theadministrative examination and approval, reduce the corporate tax burden. The maximum cancellation and decentralization related to domestic circulation fieldapproval, filing and other administrative matters, the implementation of enterprise charges list management. To further promote the business with the price of electricity. The two is to create a market environment for fair competition. To remove regional blockades to break monopoly, implementation of trans regional business enterprise total branches consolidated income tax policy, improve theretailer, supplier fair trade behavior rules and relevant system. The three is to increase market rectification. Focus on key commodities, key areas of special rectification action to punish illegal acts of infringement, counterfeiting. Four is to accelerate the construction of business credit. Establish and improve thedomestic trade enterprises credit information recording and disclosure system,according to the law issued credit enterprise "black list", promote the establishment of a sound credit evaluation mechanism to shop online and offlinecoverage network.

In addition, the "opinions" also will support the development of consumer servicesand puts forward several concrete policy. To encourage supermarkets,convenience stores, airports and other relevant places in accordance with the law and regulations to speed up the development of convenience meals; lifeservice industry to replace business tax with value-added tax(VAT) the pace of reform, support to increase the small micro enterprise value added tax andbusiness tax policy, further promoting the development of life service industrySmall and micro businesses; improve the bank card fees pricing mechanism,cancel credit card fees industry classification, further reduce the catering industrycredit card fees expenditure from the overall.

"Opinions" stressed, departments should strengthen coordination and cooperation, pay close attention to the development of the implementation of the work plan, a clear time limit requirements; local people's governments at all levelsshould according to the requirements of the situation and the local actual situation, introduced for supporting measures, to form policy, to ensure that the implementation of the policy to.

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