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Industry news » Fujian Xiangyuan textile enterprises in an invincible position

In 2014 the world economy will be in crisis after the mild recovery period,gradually stabilized. To the developed countries, China's economy is still difficult,downward pressure still exists. As the eldest of light industry textile, both exportsand internal sales are affected. Fujian Xiangyuan Textile Co., Ltd. to further adjust the industrial structure, promote product innovation, and constantly enhance the market competitiveness.

The adjustment of industrial structure to occupy a favorable market

The company was founded in 2011 May, plans to invest 1200000000 yuan, the construction of the 5 seat design with the international advanced level ofproduction workshop, the production of siro spinning, compact Siro spinning, air spinning and other 300000 spindles, amount to postpartum can provide 1200 jobs, annual output value of 1500000000 yuan, profits and taxes 150000000yuan. Up to the present, has completed an investment of 460000000 yuan, built 3 seat, 1 seat building workshop and 4 seat staff apartment, the production scale of 140000 spindles. This year 1 to October completed the yarn production 13000 tons, realize the benefits of 200000000 yuan.

Xiangyuan Textile Leader Lin Jie said, in the entire textile industry environment,the economy is not the case, the company actively adjust the industrial structure to improve the market competition ability. At present, through the matching experiment workshop production color continuous spinning, this product not only to reduce the pollution of the environment, but also reduces the cost of dyeingline enterprise. Lin Jie said, Xiangyuan company mainly produces half finishedyarn, good packaging to Guangdong, Zhejiang, Jiangsu and other places, after further processing, sold to domestic and foreign markets. The company has long-term plans in the short run and in the textile market, but facing the severe situation, raw material price instability, weakening demand in domestic and foreign markets, all plans can only temporarily shelved, and so warm to the resumption of the implementation of market situation.

Power enterprise development combining software and hardware

After the decision to complete the product or service, and then decided to set up a factory where. One of the important contents of location is the production and operation strategy, to a large extent determines the products and services offered by the cost, thus affecting the enterprise production and managementactivities and economic benefit. Especially the service facility location, is directly related to how much turnover.

"On the location problem, the company investigation group has been to many places, why would choose in Jiangle of course is a reason: review the economic development zone has good land resources in the suburbs, suburban factorieswith urban and rural electricity advantage, lower cost, more convenient traffic,advanced communications, various infrastructures are complete." Lin Jie said.

Private enterprise is the important part of market economy, known as the protagonist of the market economy. In the current economic situation, to promote the reform of state-owned enterprises and a series of reform, private enterprise'ssurvival condition attention. Jiangle County People's government issued a series of preferential policies to simplify the system, from the beginning of water,electricity, road foundation gradually perfecting enterprise software and hardware facilities.

Due to the superposition by the macroeconomic situation and the quality of their own and many other aspects of factors, enterprises still face many difficulties and problems in developing the market. Jiangle County People's government will vigorously support enterprise innovation, strengthening the construction ofinformation platform, strengthening the propaganda of the enterprises, reallyreduce the burden on enterprises, further introduce and implement targeted measures, and actively help enterprises to expand the market.

People oriented stable workforce

Difficult to hire and skilled workers mobility are second major problems faced by the enterprise. Fujian Xiangyuan Textile Co., the company has a staff of 550, of which 70% are migrant workers. These foreign employees choose long-term stay in business work, and pay attention to humanistic management, full of "human touch" is inseparable.

Beautiful environment, advanced equipment and is gradually expanding theproduction scale are the company's growth witness. Can park far away from thecounty seat, relatively closed, many employees feel not adapt. To this end, the company built a basketball court and park, at the same time in thecomprehensive building 4 layer is provided with a staff house, table tennis room,billiards room and a KTV lounge. Jiangle Economic Development Zone will oftencarry out the basketball match, between the enterprise and the enterprise singing contest, table tennis competition, fun sports activities relaxed leisure activity,make the worker and amateur life more colorful. The labor union of the companysince 2012 September establishment, carry out safe return, holiday salute, the student activities. In order to protect the health of workers, improve diet quality,the company has complete facilities in addition to the staff canteen, also has asupermarket, fruit and vegetable sales stalls, at the same time every month,payment of food subsidies. Staff apartments equipped with TV, air conditioningand other appliances, quantitative Hydropower for staff to use free of chargeevery month. The labor union of the company established the "mother team, set up a" mother house "convenient lactating women to take care of the children, and provide convenience for workers children's schooling, sent a car shuttle to schooluniform," Mom employees "less worries, can feel at ease to work. "For every one of our employees to buy insurance, also have their own Clinic, in case of machineof the scratch, can receive treatment immediately." The person in charge of the enterprise said Lin Jie. Such meticulous care, so that the staff was deeply moved.

Each workshop has a director, 3 squad, they served as a new training work.From the basic operation to the safety in production to product quality control,every little bit is by "coach" who Professor, gatekeeper. The enterprise take staff training as an important task, from the new employee workshop adaptation training, technical training to new employees from the old; strengthening the ordinary post, to the special positions

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